About our Dovecotes

Natural Gatcombe With Finial

Our dovecotes are all made from pressure treated timber in accordance with British Standard BS5750 / BS5589 so that they will last a lifetime. This is the best preservative treatment available and leaves the wood a beautiful golden colour. Coloured dovecotes go through exactly the same procedure prior to painting.

The cotes are all divided into separate nesting bays, each one being completely wind and weather proof with the nest around the corner from the door. Posts go inside the cote for extra strength and the roofs are finished with a lead cap held on with copper nails, or a finial. Our dovecotes need very little maintenance and cleaning out is only required about twice a year.


With doves in your dovecote life is never dull. They are so full of playfulness and enthusiasm you can't help but become quite addicted. To see them flying free, tumbling and gliding in formation, is wonderfully therapeutic and refreshing, and watching their comical antics on and off the cote is very amusing.

Dove landing


Gatcombe in White

Doves pair up for life and could not be easier to care for. Initially they need to be "homed" to your site; a simple procedure that we can advise you on; and afterwards a handful or so of food daily is all they need. If you go away, one of our hoppers will feed your birds for about a week. Of course, we can supply all you need including our high quality dove mix.


  Quality and range of dovecotes
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Quality and range of dovecotes


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