Frequently asked questions about doves and dovecotes

     Q. I have cats or foxes, is it possible for me to have a dovecote?

     A. Yes, you will need to take extra care when "homing" your birds.  If you opt for the net method, it is a good idea to erect a temporary fence around the netted area to keep any potential predators away. There are many sonic cat deterrents on the market and these do work very well. If you are particularly worried use the homing run.
After the homing period cats and foxes are much less of a threat as the birds are able to fly to safety.

      Q. What about squirrels?

      A. Squirrels are generally only interested in the food.  We always advise that the doves should be fed just enough so that there is none left over.  This ensures that they have a balanced diet and leave nothing to attract the squirrels.

      Q. What about when we go on holiday?

      A. Simply fill one of our feed hoppers and away you go.  We recommend that someone checks and refills the hopper if necessary once a week.

      Q. How many doves should I start with?

      A. We generally recommend starting with one or two pairs and allowing your dovecote to fill naturally.   Breeding can be limited by the use of artificial eggs if necessary.

      Q. Where is the best place to site the dovecote?

      A. We always suggest siting the dovecote where you will have the most enjoyment from it.  It will become a hive of activity and you won't want to miss out on the fun!

      Q. Ok, this all sounds fine, so when can I start?

      A. As soon as you like.  There is no special time to start, so order your dovecote today and as soon as you have it set up we will send you the doves.

Our range of Dovecotes

Our range of Dovecotes 

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